About us

About us
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As a home-grown master developer, we have been entrusted by the Abu Dhabi Government to honour its vision to build vibrant, sustainable communities that will nurture the growth of the capital for years to come.


About Modon

Modon specialises in developing vibrant and sustainable residential communities that cater exclusively to the needs of discerning UAE residents. Every step of the way, our values guide the design and build of our destinations.

We are renowned for our vibrant and culturally centred destinations, which are artfully designed and expertly constructed to please locals, expats, and tourists alike. Our remarkable havens, with their rich offering of leisure and recreational attractions, bear all the hallmarks of their locations’ proud heritage, being inspired by local history and culture. Curating unique and wholly satisfying lifestyle experiences, these exciting developments treat tourists and residents to the distinctive wonders of nature.

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Modon is committed to empowering Abu Dhabi’s citizens, residents and visitors to lead rich, fulfilling lives. We deliver happiness.

Firmly rooted in the history of the emirate with a focus on the future, we design communities where citizens, residents and visitors can flourish and create meaningful experiences. We craft destinations that inspire their most treasured moments.


Contact Modon

If you have any queries or are keen to learn more about our services, developments and communities, please do not hesitate to get in touch.